Saturday, June 12, 2010

Got paid again

Linkgrand paid me

Although everyone knows Linkgrand is a very genuine and paying site but still i wanted to show off my payment proof so more and more will join such paying sites and i wanted to show off my latest payment too LOL . So if u wanna join here's the link

And here's my little six dollars payment proof for you to see, paypal charges so i finally got $5.47 from paypal. Minimum cashout for linkgrand is $5 but i chose to cashout at $6.

Payment proof

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New sites collection

I've got some new click sites for you. Took sometime verifying these new sites & i've found these to be good genuine paying sites. So you can start clicking the banners and join whatever you like.


£0.01 ads
Min Payout: €10
Referral earnings: 50%
Payment thru Alertpay or e-gold



$0.05 signup bonus
1cent ads/ min 8 ads daily
Min Payout: $10
Referral earnings: 50%
Payment thru Paypal or Alertpay

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Get CLicKinG

Here are some PTCs that have made a name for themselves, i've been paid by most of these sites and many other members too, everyone can join. Check em out.

New sites coming soon

Saturday, January 19, 2008

FresH STaRt For 2008

Now finally i'm back, after a long.... long time away from this blog. I was off the Internet 4 sometime.... quite sometime actually as u ppl wud know, Blogging, Downloading, mails, interacting with frndz....Orkut---- n chatting, everything came to a halt in last two months. Downloading though kept going, not as usual but still quite alrite.

I was busy with my studies a lot too since I've just entered Engineering so i had to pay quite some attention. But now a fresh start in a fresh year **** i'm back to getting this blog going & running even better than ever.

I was so much into playing GAMES too before my Engg. seesion started so i thought this is the time to play as much as i can --- knew i won't get much time to play after the session starts. I just got a new Graphics Card so that got me playing all the latest games, they r so interesting.... they keep u hooked on.
I was hooked onto some Torrent sites as well... ummmm well a lot of torrent sites, there have been a lot of torrent sites coming up on the scene recently, will post reviews of those torrents sites too but LaTer on.

Games, torrents, downloads, friends... n some special frndz.... well many things needed some time so i had to cut down on moneymaking that all took me away from the money making thing 4 a while.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brand New PTC

For NeW UpDates check out the recent posts.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Paid to Click sites


Minimum payout - $10.00
per click - 1cent
Referral earnings - 100%
Payment thru Paypal
Join now and receive a $0.05 Sign-up Bonus

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog Link Exchange

Lets shift our focus on to Blogging. The motto of this post is to exchange Blog links with other bloggers.

Getting your blog listed on other blogs or sites help in making it popular. It gets you more inbound links to your blog and thus gaining increase in popularity. Not just that, better search engines ranking depends quite a lot on it as well.
So I thought why not exchange links with other bloggers, this is how it works - you put my blog link on your blog and i'll put yours on mine, simple but effective way to boost your blog's popularity and reach wider range of audience for your blog.

You can check out my "Blog Friends" section in the left column menu for example. It can be a really damn good way to let more 'n' more people out there know about your blog. So let me know if your interested by leaving your comments here and we can put a backlink to each other's blogs.